I feel like a T-Rex

Going on vacation has been hell. We have had a series of WTF’S happen to us.

My husband who is currently trying to become a police officer with all his might, had to take his fitness test on the day we were expected to leave for our awesome vacation with friends. However, he didn’t read the entire instructional email that stated the following day was reserved for the written test. (No sense in going to the fitness test if he can’t go the following day for the 2nd portion. There are no make-ups) So, now we have to wait for the opportunity to open back up. That was number one. Lets count down shall we?

2.) We start driving our car around town, to handle our last minute details, before taking off to California to put our toes in the sand. What happens? Our car is shaking… quite a bit. We spend so much time bouncing ideas off of one another for what it could possibly be. Well, nothing we can do about it until we get back, so lets rent a rental car, shall we? (Come along on my journey)

3.) Now we are on to getting our rental car we already reserved 2 days prior, for an exaggerated fee of about $200.00. Awesome! We get to the budget car rental place, and oops… they won’t accept our debit card without us jumping through hoops. No time for those shenanigans… so we head to Enterprise..come along on the trip

4.) Pull up to enterprise. They are out of cars… We have to go to another enterprise.

5.) We finally get to enterprise and decide… we need a little joy in our lives, lets get a truck!!! Don’t forget… we need to call Budget car rental place to get our deposit back… come along on the next part

6.) We called Budget car rental place… they can’t get our funds back on our account for at least 3-7 business days… Time to go on vacation.

7.) Screw our problems back home…we are on vacation this is no time for stress….

8.) Vacation is over… time to go back home.

9.) We are home… and… looks like someone hit the back of our car and left. Well, Eric needs to get to work so when he gets off we will figure out the car situation.


10.)  Eric comes back upstairs… Can’t go to work. Car tire is skeletinized. (Not a word.. Don’t care)

11.) I’m completely at a loss for words. I have no idea what to say.

12.)At one point, Geicos’ system was down, so we couldn’t get a tow truck  [to get to the tire place] until they got their system back up and running.


I feel like a T-Rex Right now!!!!!!!!


Men mess up purposely

So tell me why the last vacation we went on I asked my husband “okay please Eric pack your bag because I’m tired of packing all the bags, I already have 3 bags to pack and yours too you’re an adult it’s time for you to man up pack your own bag.” so he packed his own bag and so I ask him “Do you have everything? Like everything?” he goes “yeah I got everything.” We get to California and he tells me …

“I don’t have undershirts or underwear.”

I’m starting to think that men purposely mess tasks up that we give them. Just so that they don’t have to do it again. The common phrases in the house are “just give it to me, I’ll do it” ;”They say if you want something done well you have to do it yourself, they were right.” and the infamous. “How are you going to survive when I’m gone?!”



I wish I was passive agressive

Everyone has things they wish they could change. I wish I was ‘passive agressive’. I also wish I had patience, but with being a fairly new mom. I’m exhausted. Seriously. I don’t have a babysitter on stand by. I’m tired. I have no time to be indirectly talking about someone. I wish I had patience for childishness. But again… I’m really tired. I’m praying on it. To all the gods in all the worlds. They all hear me. But, they’re not ready for me to posses such treasures, yet.

Sorry guys. I love you all.

But, in all seriousness, don’t start hating me for my views on things. I’m not changing my views, just cuz you don’t like to be reminded of your mistakes. I love your views it’s what makes us all different.  You be you boo.

Label Maker Tornado!

OMG… If I had a label maker, I would label everything. I’d be labeling dog food, I would be labeling book genres on each book on my bookshelf. And i have a lot of books…

I would be labeling hand sanitizer… Hand sanitizer that already has a label on it, that clearly states Purell hand sanitizer. I would be labeling the label maker itself! It would become an obsession. Apparently there are certain things you should never buy me…. and a label maker…should be at the top of the list.Right after ‘grenade’ and ‘plants’.. Here’s a little list I put together for you guys.


1.) Chips

2.) Stationary Tools (ruler, white-out, scissors…etc.)

3.) Dog Food

4.) Books

5.) Cabinets

6.) Cereal Containers

7.) Loose Cords


This list is still growing. LOL.

Not only do I already know the foreseen damage I would cause as I blasted throughout my house like a label-tornado. But, I know my husband. And it would be a whole new form of sarcasm-war. It’s like tug-of-war but with silly banter, sarcasm, and gut splitting laughter.

yes label maker.jpg

My household… not the place for a label maker.


My family is the best thing I ever did

When I got married at 21 people were asking me, why?

“Why are you getting married Seabree?”

My response, It sounds crazy, “but when you know… You know.”


Two years go by and we get pregnant with our first child, people ask me

“why are you having a child?”

“Because, when God says it’s time. You listen.”


When I stopped working and became a stay-at-home mom people asked me, why?

“Why would you be a stay-at-home mom?”

My response, “So I can be here for all of my children’s moments, raise them, and teach them how I would like my child to be raised and taught.”

When my husband and I were going through school options and we decided we think it would be best to homeschool our children the Uproar was outstandish. They ask again “Why would you home-school your children? They will lack social skills.” My response,

“Because, I don’t want my child to get lost in the Las Vegas School System.”

But then my family thought… ” It’s your husband, it’s what he’s forcing.”

And I respond… “no, my husband and I have the same values.“ Which brings me to the beginning… when you know, you know.”

Now my days consists of . Daytime Star Wars Coffee Shops, Library trips, Pottery Wheels and tickle fights with my husband and daughter. My family is the best thing I ever did. I have faith in my decisions. If you know yourself. You will know what is best for YOU. If you know who you are and what your method of madness entails, you know what your belief system is.

A New Puppy



We have recently taken in a new puppy. Her name is Nala. My friends all asked me the same thing. “A new puppy? Aren’t your hands full already?”  HAHAHAHA… Oh… please. I like a challenge. And I got exatly that… A challenge.

I forgot, I am leaving out 1 simple detail. She’s 11 weeks old. Yes. Just 11. This means, potty training… Late night wining to be picked up… Pee on my yellow accent rug… Hiding in places I cannot reach, and the constant scratching, biting and teething. But, we love her… and she’s now apart of our team. Eric and I now have… 2 boys… and 2 girls. The playing field in my household is officially EVEN.

My child, the astronaut

Excuse the excessive amounts of laughter. My child. The astronaut. The imagination. When did that cease to exist with me? At what point did I stop putting markers on my fingers and saying “look, I’m Edward scissorhands?” At what point did I lose that? What was my last adventure?  Was I a dinosaur in new York? Stomping on builildings? Or was I like my daughter, an astronaut in space? I think I’m in need of a imagination day. Time to go build a fort with my kids. 😉

The root of forgiveness

I have empowered myself to forgive those that have deceived me. The feeling… Although hard to swallow… is what makes you a better you. A clearer you. When you hold on to a grudge. Any grudge, its more damaging to your inner soul. Everyone else, gets to go on with their day, and you, my dear, are harboring emotions deeper than your heart can handle. You have to move on and forgive, even, if its forgiving yourself.

You are the root of a your own tree. Sometimes, the only way you can grow… as a tree.. is to whether some harsh storms.

-Seabree Selvey

Judgement past


“Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT allow ANYONE to sit high and look low to judge you. EVERYONE has a chapter in their life they don’t read out loud.”

Scrolling through my Facebook wall. Passed all the nonesense, bored thoughts and negativity, I came across this.

I re-read it, thinking of something inspirational that i could say. Then, it came to me. “Let’s allow judgement to be past
.. not passed.” To be present in the world. We need to accepting to everyone’s flaws and failures. Being the person I am, this is hard for me. I hold on to grudges too long and I judge people based off of various reasons. I’m doing my best to evolve, as a person, as a mother, as a wife. I justify being judgemental to others around me. I justify myself by simply shrugging off my bad behavior and saying

“The only way I can really evolve is to judge others right? Every day I look around and notice the type of parent,
wife, person I don’t want to be. By looking at others around me… I’m inspired, to not be them. That’s judgmental, is it not?”

I’m in a constant battle with my inner-self. I have 2 sides to myself. Much like the devil and angel that sit on your shoulder. My angel, is named Angelina. My devil is meticulously named  Satana. Angelina never seems to have the upper hand, her personality cheerful, optimistic, and predictable. Satana is funny, but negative. And always seems to sneak in at the wrong times. The times when I’m trying to be a better person.

I end my note by saying this. By understanding that their are 2 sides to my inner-self, I have the option to choose.

I quote deadpool.


Four or five moments,” Colossus says. “Four or five moments—that’s all it takes to be a hero. Everyone thinks it’s a full-time job. Wake up a hero. Brush your teeth a hero. Go to work a hero. Not true. Over a lifetime there are only four or five moments that really matter. Moments when you’re offered a choice to make a sacrifice, conquer a flaw, save a friend—spare an enemy. In these moments everything else falls away.”

Be your own hero today.

When did we start this?

I live in an age of constant judgment. Everyone walks around judging one another in their pedestaled minds. Isolation. When did this happen? What happened? Its like, one day, i woke up, and everyone hated eachother. What happened to the days, when people used to connect? When did we stop wanting to get to know one another? Where it wasn’t uncommon to have a conversation with another person on the street? Was it when social media became all the rage? As if ‘twit-face-agram’ automatically took away the need for humans to interact.

The silence while walking by another human is gut wretching. As if they are shouting out all of my flaws; in silence. All the while obtaining the infamous resting bitch face upon their brows. When did this happen? When did we stop caring about connecting with one another? When did hate sweep over the nation and replace once happy people?

When did chivalry cease to exist? When did people stop respecting one another? When did we stop eating at the dinner table with our families? So many things have changed. So many dissapointed faces amongst all of you. Every one of you. Stop someone. Have a conversation. Make connections. It’s what we were placed on this earth for. To connect with one another. Disconnectimage.jpg